LIANG Jiaxin

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Ph.D. Pre-Candidate
Department of Information Engineering,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Advisor: Professor LIEW Soung-Chang


  • Research Interest

    • Wireless Communication System

    • Channel Coding

    • Software Defined Radio

What's new?

  • [2/8/2015] Started my postgraduate study in The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • [1/6/2015] I joined the Institute of Network Coding as a research assistant.

  • [15/5/2015] I have got my bachelor degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Selected Projects

  • On going

    • Time-Slotted System

    • Physical-Layer Network Coding in Slotted Aloha

    • Indoor Localization based on AoF and AnF

    • Network Simulator for Realtime Physical-Layer Network Coding (RPNC)

    • PNC in LabView

  • Past Project

    • Design and implementation of high performance convolutional decoders for Physical-Layer Network Coding (Also my undergraduate final year project)

    • SNSApp – A Cross-platform Socialization Solution Project

    • High quality photo ranking based on Bayesian Network

    • Pedestrian Counting

  • For hobbies

Selected Courses

  • As Student

    • Advanced Topics in Wireless Communication (IERG5303)

    • Channel Coding and Modulation (IERG5200)

    • Big Data Analytics (IERG5108)

    • Microprocessors & Computer Systems (ELEG3230)

    • Operating System (CSCI3150)

    • Network Software Design & Processing (IERG4180)

    • Database System (CSCI3170)

    • Desgin and Analysis of Algorithms (CSCI3160)


Email: lj015 (AT) / ljxangus (AT)

Blog: Travelling with John & Emily

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Room 825, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong